potluck 11.17.13

another great potluck at spring - this time to celebrate Anna's swearing in - complimenti!
stars & stripes: caprese from Sylvia & Andrew
 artichoke hearts and sliced red pepper with a lemon vinaigrette -S&A 
olive dolci, pickled garlic from Sahadis; black provencale olives with orange and chili pepper 

Verlaine's famous summer rolls - thank you Cliff. I neglected to take a picture of the tasty chicken wings! Sandy's eggplant dish missed out on being photographed as well - sorry

thin sliced sautéed portobello mushrooms - S&A 
Italian pork sausages from Alleva with shallots and peas - S&A

the ensemble, including polenta with saffron and roasted cauliflower.
a delicious salad with squash, pumpkin seeds, and lot more - Mike & Jill
Patrizia's amazing chocolate torta al cioccolato brought by Riccardo, chef at Antica Pesa.

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