potluck 11.17.13

another great potluck at spring - this time to celebrate Anna's swearing in - complimenti!
stars & stripes: caprese from Sylvia & Andrew
 artichoke hearts and sliced red pepper with a lemon vinaigrette -S&A 
olive dolci, pickled garlic from Sahadis; black provencale olives with orange and chili pepper 

Verlaine's famous summer rolls - thank you Cliff. I neglected to take a picture of the tasty chicken wings! Sandy's eggplant dish missed out on being photographed as well - sorry

thin sliced sautéed portobello mushrooms - S&A 
Italian pork sausages from Alleva with shallots and peas - S&A

the ensemble, including polenta with saffron and roasted cauliflower.
a delicious salad with squash, pumpkin seeds, and lot more - Mike & Jill
Patrizia's amazing chocolate torta al cioccolato brought by Riccardo, chef at Antica Pesa.

what happened?

for those who follow what we made for lunch ...... you may be wondering what happened - after posting nearly every single lunch we have had at spring since 2008, we are taking a break! Of course we are still feeding ourselves well, but we currently do not have any interns and feel that the world of photographed meals is saturated! Feel free to browse our previous lunches for simple, tasty ideas!

what we made for lunch 02.14.13

this is a swiss chard pie with toasted pinoli that Anna made, along with roasted sweet potato and a lettuce & tomato salad

what we made for lunch 02.12.13

similar, but very different from the last lunch.... kind of mini 'pizza' sliders - grilled fresh mozzarella, grape tomato, prosciutto cotto on toasted 7grain mini from Pain d'Avignon - so good

what we made for lunch 02.09.12

welsh rarebit (it's cheese on toast!) deluxe. grilled English sharp cheddar & Coleman's english mustard, hot grape tomato and prosciutto cotto on toasted peasant bread from Pain d'Avignon - perfect

what we made for lunch 02.06.13

round two of some delicious baked salmon from dinner - on couscous with cilantro, jalepeno and toasted pine nuts; a mixed green salad with a mustard, orange dressing and 7grain bread

what we made for lunch 02.02.13

a warm frittata sandwich - Trader's jalepeño chicken sausage, sautéed green beans and potato on a baguette, green salad with mustard dressing

what we made for lunch 01.02.13

a Mexican style green soup special from Anna today - quinoa, black beans, spinach, avocado, jalepeño, a dollop of creme fraiche,  cilantro, lime, some roasted clili pepper salsa and toasted country bread - so good.

in case you notice the big gap - I'm skipping ahead as I was getting just too far behind in posting. I have the lunches and will try to fill in when I can!

what we had for lunch 11.30.12

a roasted cauliflower, potato frittata with ricotta, piave and chili oil, along with a lettuce, red onion and mint salad

what we made for lunch 11.29.12

another soup from Anna - escarole, cannellini with little cubes of piave rind softened, chili powder and multigrain croutons

what we made for lunch 11.28.12

the always tasty mackerel from Italy on toasted multigrain, a little mayo, cucumber, black pepper, vinegar and a sprinkle of chili powder with some pita chips

what we made for lunch 11.27.12

crostini - fresh ricotta with olive oil and toasted pine nuts on multigrain along with sweet potato salad

what we made for lunch 11.16.12

a quasi salad nicoise - tuna, black provencal olives, boiled red potatoes, green beans on lettuce with a mustard dressing, pink peppercorn and toasted baguette

what we made for lunch 11.13.12

soup! Anna's potato and leak with a dollop of goat cheese and black pepper along with  crostini with purée of cannellini

what we made for lunch 11.17.12

time for a tasty sandwich - sun dried tomato chicken sausage along with mozzarella and sautéed zucchini on country bread from Pain d'Avignon

what we made for lunch 11.08.12

sliced portobello (cooked in La Chamba) and goat cheese on toasted country bread from Pain d'Avignon along with a mesclun and tomato salad

what we made for lunch 11.06.12

soup of the moment - Anna's pumpkin soup with creme fraiche and toasted sunflower seeds

what me made for lunch 11.02.12

Italian tuna and cannellini orzo salad with escarole and onion nan

what me made for lunch 11.01.12

back from hurricane Sandy (we've been lucky!) with a simple tomato soup with avocado and a german rye bread

what me made for lunch 10.25.12

an orzo salad with arugula, artichoke heart, black olives and a little feta

what me made for lunch 10.24.12

a great mix of herbed roast chicken, celery, arugula, walnuts, radish and mozzarella with a mustard dressing - tasty and crunchy